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Ojibiikaan Indigenous Cultural Network (OICN) is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. In response, we are following the advice of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health authorities.

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health is recommending social distancing as a way to minimize COVID-19 transmission in the community. OICN is taking this matter seriously and as of March 14th, 2020, we have taken preventative measures and suspended all Ojibiikaan (including Ojibiikens) programming until April 5th, 2020. 

This three-week period is meant to “flatten the curve” and reduce transmission of the coronavirus to ensure our healthcare systems are not overwhelmed. All OICN staff will be working from home as a result in addition to program suspension. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this suspension may cause.  We are committed to the well being and safety of our community and we will continue to provide updates on our social media accounts and website as the situation evolves.