Gikinoo’amaadiwag mashkikiike

May 2019 – October 2019!

Gikinoo’amaadiwag mashkikiike means “they teach each other medicines .”  In this program, we will bring youth onto the land to learn about medicine practices, language, and traditional ecological knowledge. Medicine-making is interlinked with Indigenous Food Sovereignty. From an Indigenous perspective, food itself is seen as medicine: a nutritious diet of traditional foods is integral to health and wellbeing.

Gikinoo’amaadiwag mashkikiike will contribute to the revitalization of Indigenous culture and traditional food systems by:

  • Increasing accessibility of traditional practices for relating to the land with Indigenous plants in urban areas
  • Relearning traditional protocols and practices around medicine-making
  • Incorporating art into learning by developing a thirteen moons calendar and other art-based activities throughout the program

Gikinoo’amaadiwag mashkikiike is important for the same reasons we founded Ojibiikaan: to create spaces for urban Indigenous youth to come together and connect with their roots.

Program details:
– 10 gatherings
– Medicines and gifts
– Forest Therapy
– Connecting to the land through arts
– Growing medicines
– “Time as Medicine” workshop
– Overnight trip to Crawford Lake

Applications now closed

Our past youth programming

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