Ojiibikens EarlyON Program

There are ninety EarlyON centres in Toronto that provide a welcoming drop-in environment. Parents and caregivers and children access services and programming together and can:

  • join fun activities – reading, storytelling, sing-alongs, games and more
  • get advice from professionals trained in early childhood development
  • find out about other family services in the community
  • connect with other families with young children

Ojiibikens means ‘little root.’  Ojiibikens is a land-based EarlyON program for children ages 0-6, and their siblings, parents and caregivers.  Our mobile team provides Indigenous land-based programs in partnership with EarlyON centres and community organizations across Toronto.  We are creating hands-on, outdoor learning environments for children that integrates language, culture, food, and physical activity.  The core of land base education is about families being on and connecting with the land.  Our activities will reclaim and rebuild land-based skills of growing, harvesting to preparing our Indigenous foods and traditional medicines.

Get Involved

All parents/caregivers and children are invited to join in Ojiibikens programs.
Your family can get involved in the following ways:

Come to an Indigenous Focused EarlyON

The Indigenous EarlyON Centres are gathering places where children and families can receive holistic support, make connections, and participate in Indigenous cultural programming. The Indigenous EarlyON Centres are located at:

The Indigenous EarlyON centres are open on Monday-Saturdays. Ojiibikens offers weekly programs at these sites such as community cooking, medicine and plant teachings and outdoor play.

Bring Ojiibikens to your EarlyON centre or community organization

Do you want a FREE four-week land-based education program in your community?

The Ojiibikens mobile team will come to:

  • EarlyON Centres
  • Non-profits
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Grassroots groups
  • Community Health Centres

In each four-week workshop series, Ojiibikens will support our youngest to be connected to the land through play, art, song, food, and language.  Children 0-6, and their siblings, parents and caregivers will explore their local neighbourhoods and parks, go on field trips and get outside in every season!

Choose one of the following options:

Traditional Indigenous Cooking

  • Traditional cuisine
  • Hands-on cooking skills for adults and kids
  • Reclaiming language and community through food
  • The joy of coming together to eat

Healing Medicines and Plants

  • Build relationships with plants
  • Learn how plants can heal
  • Make teas, oils and salves for daily health
  • Reconnect with the land

Outdoor Play

  • Seasonal Indigenous games and sports
  • Campfires, songs and storytelling
  • Survival skills
  • Having fun outside all year round


  • Grow a garden using Indigenous knowledge
  • Traditional songs and ceremonies for growing
  • Build relationships with plants
  • Connect with the earth and with each other

If you are a staff member at an EarlyON centre or a community organization, please contact us register for a program.

If you are a parent or caregiver, contact us about how to organize a program with a local organization in your neighbourhood.

Contact us today for opportunities to have our staff come and run a program for you! Shawna Moore at shawna.moore.ojibiikaan.com

You can stay up to date on programming and events by checking our calendar